Established in 1989, the New Zealand Association for Adolescent Health and Development (NZAAHD) was created explicitly bolster the health and development of adolescents in New Zealand. The organisation has a national network of people who work with young people (13-25) and is also a registered member of the major international youth organisation- International Association of Adolescent Health (IAAH). The organisation focuses on connecting and collaborating with bodies that are youth-oriented. To achieve this, an annual national youth week and biennial youth development conference are organised in Aotearoa, New Zealand to provide a platform for people to come together, share information and network.


  • As a Tool for Measurable Enhancement in the Physical Health of Adolescents
    Every parent or guardian would agree with the fact that adolescents are risk takers who explore by trying strange new things. NZAAHD seeks to assist young people by setting up new systems and strategies that will aid these youths to stop or reduce lifestyles that could be detrimental to their physical health.
  • As a Tool For Measurable Advancement in the Mental Health of Adolescents
    New Zealand has been recorded as one of the places with the most suicide rate in the world. Other vices found amongst youths are alcohol and drug abuse which is predominant among Rangatahi. One of the core priorities of NZAAHD is to formulate measures to keep young people mentally active.
  • As a Tool to Assist Young People to Influence Health Policy & Programme Development
    The spate at which young people want to participate in decisions that affect their health and well-being is grossly increasing; hence NZAAHD is giving youths a great participatory platform to be part of decision making that directly affects them.
  • As a Tool to Build A safer, More Supportive Environment for Young People in New Zealand
    Daily occurrences in the family, school and whanau are some of the major factors that affect youths in New Zealand. Everyone including the Central government, Local government, communities, schools and families have a major part to play in the enhancement of young people’s health and wellness.


  • As an organisation, NZAAHD seeks to collaborate with other organisations that are associated with young people’s health and development.
  • To build systems that will research into the health and development of adolescents and produce results.
  • Create awareness and educate adolescents to enhance the standards of their health care Creation of best health services for young people
  • Lure public, private and professional bodies to develop interest in enhancing adolescent- related affairs.

NZAAHD Branches Spread Across New Zealand Includes:

  • New Zealand Association for Adolescent Health and Development NZAAHD
  • New Zealand Association for Adolescent Health and Development NZAAHD Auckland
  • New Zealand Association for Adolescent Health and Development NZAAHD Bay of Plenty
  • New Zealand Association for Adolescent Health and Development NZAAHD Canterbury
  • New Zealand Association for Adolescent Health and Development NZAAHD Otago, Southland
  • New Zealand Association for Adolescent Health and Development NZAAHD Waikato
  • New Zealand Association for Adolescent Health and Development NZAAHD Wellington
  • New Zealand Association for Adolescent Health and Development NZAAHD West North Island
  • New Zealand Aotearoa Adolescent Health and Development NZAAHD


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